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ERP for Engineering Industry

Engineering items are theoretical items that form the basis for real items that you can produce. An E-item usually has several revisions, or versions, that range from a prototype, to the item you manufacture, to an obsolete item. You can define revisions in the Engineering Item Revision session.

The Engineering industry produces machines for use of industries, companies and consumers. Engineering manufacturers are engaged in production of automobile parts, pumps, compressors, valves, engines & turbines, industrial furnaces and burners, industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning, machinery equipment and machine tools, machines and equipment for extraction, construction and general purpose machinery and more.

Some of the unique challenges faced by the Engineering Industry are quick creation of quotes and estimates. Converting quotes into order. Defining and Managing Product Specifications. Maintaining product quality standards. Manufacturers have to control costs, make optimum utilization of resources and implement effective production processes to stay competitive and ensure profitability.

Now introducing ERP software for Engineering Industries. ERP for engineering industry means to grow maximum with minimum efforts. Because using ERP you understand your organization progress, process very easily than other ways, you can see whole your organization from your own seat any time. ERP software is very very best, suitable, for Engineering industry and very easy to use to any one of your organization. ERP software is totally made from the view of engineering industries big problems.

  • Marketing: This is extremely important and necessary department for your industry. It has many more important responsibilities with many customers follow up.
  • Production: This is give us plan for your organization like Requirement of material, advice generation, feasibility of production, machine availability, capacity.
  • Purchase: Purchase is responsible for right quality, right quantity and right price of required material for your organization.
  • Stock: In stock come stock management and valuation activities .Both are backbone of the organization.
  • Sales: In short sales maintain customer and product. Stock transfer also included with reports.
  • HR: Main asset of your organization is your employee. Maintain all data of your employees.
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ERP for Engineering Industry Key Features

CRM & Email Alerts e-Invoice, Export GST, VAT Sale HR & Payroll Inventory Management Prduction Planning Control Customer Order Processing Supplier Order Processing Export/Custom Documentation

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