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ERP for Books & Publishing Industry

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) It has played a critical role for some of the most prominent Printing & Publishing companies in reducing their operational costs, enhancing efficiencies, cutting wastage and achieving a healthy bottom-line.

    Editorial management

    Royalty calculations and tracking

    Optimizing title inventories

    Sub-contracting the printing jobs

    Subscriptions & journals

    Costing of titles


ERP for Automotive Industry

ERP for Printing and Publishing Industry manages all aspects of the Printing & Publishing vertical comprehensively. It streamlines operations enterprise-wide and also seamlessly integrates with third party and legacy systems.

ERP Features

At Shiva Infotech Innovations we offer ERP solutions with the following features for the Books and Publishing industry:

  • Retain control of your business using Turbo-ERP extensive controlling and forecasting functions.
  • Inventory management that allows coping with relevant operations giving a platform for efficient inventory planning.
  • Full workflow support and business notification- Business Central’s project manager also functions to make sure that each logged task is given the attention that it needs when it needs it. Notifications are filed every step of the way so you can watch as jobs develop.
  • Cost containment logging and tracking of all interactions and reviewing statistics By looking at the data your organisation has acquired in the course of doing business, you can acquire crucial insights about what costs you’re incurring and how these costs can be minimised.
  • Finance management system with the help of which all financial and accounting data are sorted in one place available at any time and, as a result, financial information is managed more effectively.
  • Fulfilling cross-media orders seamlessly: Managing the sales of prints on demand and of E-Booksew forms of publishing can prove difficult to keep on top of. Business Central, however, is designed to execute and record on demand sales quickly and painlessly.
  • Service management that controls after sale support of clients sorting their latest demands and requirements and tracking timely service.
  • Order management system where customers’ orders are visible which gives an opportunity to analyze purchasing history and be prepared for the succeeding contacts with a client.
  • Book Sales/Distribution erhaps even more important than analysing cost is analysing sales trends. “Turbo-ERP” not only helps you to distribute your books, it can create detailed logs about where and to whom your books are selling..
  • Managing the complete life-cycle of all customers usiness Central keeps careful tabs on your customers’ buying habits. You can use that information both on a macro-level for projecting market trends and on a micro-level when sending out mailers and other forms of targeted marketing.
  • Integration with communication channels to keep in touch with clients and colleagues.

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